In-Time Version History

Version Build Date Type Description
4.9.0_T 40946 15/08/2016 Enhancement CR03955 AWR holiday Accrual rate.
4.9.0_T 40718 28/07/2016 Enhancement CR02870 Select payment or generation date as paid date of invoice.
4.9.0_T 40672 26/07/2016 Enhancement CR03955 AWR Holiday Accrual rates.
4.9.0_T 40670 26/07/2016 Enhancement CR03927 AWR facility to bulk load working history.
4.9.0_T 40452 11/07/2016 Enhancement CR03556 Attach documents to invoices.
4.9.0_T 40446 11/07/2016 Fix CR03921 Save WHT adjustments against shifts, allowing them be credited.
4.9.0_T 40445 11/07/2016 Fix CR03819 Reliability improvements when marking invoices as exported.
4.9.0_T 40444 11/07/2016 Fix CR03816 Prevent crediting an un-accepted supplier invoice.
4.9.0_T 40441 11/07/2016 Enhancement CR03785 BACS payments performance improvements.
4.9.0_T 40439 11/07/2016 Fix CR03148 Credit Note Subtotals.
4.9.0_T 40237 24/06/2016 Enhancement CR03858 Synchronise payslips button and progress.
4.9.0_T 40196 21/06/2016 Enhancement CR03793 Count of selected items on invoice generation.
4.9.0_T 40154 15/06/2016 Fix CR03848 Adding individual expenses to a Sheet Groups.
4.9.0_T 40124 10/06/2016 Enhancement CR03838 Margin by Shift invoice links.
4.9.0_T 40123 10/06/2016 Enhancement CR03482 Email approval audit from address.
4.9.0_T 40096 07/06/2016 Enhancement CR03830 Placement screen load time.
4.9.0_T 39970 24/05/2016 Enhancement CR03648 Suppress InPay warnings on import.
4.9.0_T 39968 24/05/2016 Enhancement CR03775 Include expense receipts on Sheet Group documents.
4.9.0_T 39964 24/05/2016 Enhancement CR03778 Sort order on timesheet reports.
4.8.0_T 39930 20/05/2016 Enhancement CR03777 Default engagement type for Ltd Company workers.
4.8.0_T 39925 20/05/2016 Enhancement CR03771 Invoice Delivery add 'Delivery not required' option.
4.8.0_T 39843 16/05/2016 Enhancement CR03688 CIS Self Bills to include other deductions.
4.8.0_T 39822 16/05/2016 Fix CR03602 Copy Timesheet to Provider.
4.8.0_T 39818 13/05/2016 Fix CR03673 Bullhorn Remove Providers.
4.8.0_T 39817 13/05/2016 Fix CR03729 Write-off doesn't update modified date.
4.8.0_T 39816 13/05/2016 Enhancement CR03289 Email approval: allow more than one user to receive notifications.
4.8.0_T 39810 13/05/2016 Fix CR03749 and CR03692 Web Services Version 1.8.
4.8.0_T 39727 10/05/2016 Fix CR03646 Saving Admin Notification settings.
4.8.0_T 39467 25/04/2016 Enhancement CR03568 Status of timesheet emailed to Ltd Company.
4.8.0_T 39466 25/04/2016 Enhancement CR03572 Menu Performance (Draft/Approved count).
4.8.0_T 39358 20/04/2016 Fix CR03622 Allow negative expenses on invoice from Sheet group.
4.8.0_T 39344 20/04/2016 Fix CR03560 Worker currency when removing provider.
4.8.0_T 39231 12/04/2016 Enhancement CR03628 HSBC FPS BACS file option.
4.8.0_T 39006 31/03/2016 Fix CR03490 Backdated expense-only invoices and credit notes.
4.8.0_T 38942 22/03/2016 Enhancement CR03569 NI Table letter changes 2016.
4.8.0_T 38941 22/03/2016 Enhancement CR03550 new starter statements format.
4.8.0_T 38940 22/03/2016 Enhancement CR03551 Intime/Inpay email payslip option.
4.8.0_T 38938 22/03/2016 Enhancement CR03468 Template for Remittance emails.
4.8.0_T 38937 22/03/2016 Fix CR03552 Don't validate CIS Tax Percentage if not CIS applicable.
4.8.0_T 38936 22/03/2016 Fix CR03467 System error when creating new Pay element.
4.8.0_T 38935 22/03/2016 Fix CR03584 Due dates on Supplier Credits.
4.8.0_T 38794 14/03/2016 Fix CR03475 Sage 200 exporter access to payment batch details.
4.8.0_T 38793 14/03/2016 Fix CR03524 Sage 200 export exchange rate and expenses nominal code.
4.8.0_T 38469 25/02/2016 Fix CR03508 Prevent invoicing of items reverted during invoice generation.
4.8.0_T 38255 17/02/2016 Fix CR03517 BACS format issue.
4.8.0_T 38228 17/02/2016 Fix CR03509 Fix expenses validation errors.
4.8.0_T 38197 16/02/2016 Enhancement CR03506 History list screen.
4.8.0_T 38188 16/02/2016 Enhancement CR03487 Links through to details on list screens.
4.8.0_T 38181 16/02/2016 Enhancement CR03437 Add Audit history tab.
4.8.0_T 38150 15/02/2016 Enhancement CR03334 CIS Payroll & Self Billing.
4.8.0_T 38146 15/02/2016 Enhancement CR03328 Stop using the worker accounts ref for the InPay ID.
4.8.0_T 38144 15/02/2016 Enhancement Indicate and warn about maximum file size on PO documents.
4.8.0_T 38089 11/02/2016 Enhancement CR03501 Overnight time pattern handling.
4.8.0_T 38013 04/02/2016 Enhancement CR03259 - Support additional email address domains such as .online
4.8.0_T 38002 04/02/2016 Enhancement CR03292 - Added perm invoice widget to the dashboard
4.8.0_T 37993 29/01/2016 Enhancement CR03406 Add re-send credentials and password buttons to user lists.
4.8.0_T 37900 29/01/2016 Enhancement CR02826 Custom timesheet validation rules.
4.8.0_T 37900 29/01/2016 Enhancement CR02826 Custom timesheet validation rules.
4.8.0_T 37893 29/01/2016 Enhancement CR03405 Prevent importer changing placement date range past existing shifts.
4.8.0_T 37768 21/01/2016 Enhancement CR03413 445 Timesheet Period
4.8.0_T 37736 21/01/2016 Fix CR03453 Sheet groups: can't re-invoice credited expense.
4.8.0_T 37735 21/01/2016 Fix CR03434 Prevent revert when on Sheet group.
4.8.0_T 37732 21/01/2016 Fix CR03448 Prevent timesheet rounding errors.
4.8.0_T 37722 21/01/2016 Fix CR03456 The HMRC Report was incorrectly reporting "no vat" for non-self-bill workers.
4.8.0_T 37705 21/01/2016 Fix Limit Approved timesheet menu items for improved performance.
4.8.0_T 37704 21/01/2016 Fix Placement import performance improvement for large providers.
4.8.0_T 37623 15/01/2016 Fix CR03284 Send Invoices with different terms to same recipient
4.8.0_T 37622 15/01/2016 Fix CR03325 added check format date on popUp invoicing (sheet groups)
4.8.0_T 37621 15/01/2016 Enhancement CR03255 - Include the Client name within the text on placement select box
4.8.0_T 37618 15/01/2016 Enhancement CR03090 Time patterns - add break into the longest duration shift
4.8.0_T 37923 15/01/2016 Enhancement CR02981 Support functions added to UI.
4.8.0_T 37617 15/01/2016 Enhancement CR03392 Add timesheet frequency filter to all invoicing screens
4.8.0_T 37608 15/01/2016 Fix CR03444 fix summary screens credit note links
4.8.0_T 37607 15/01/2016 Fix CR03385 Fix: save import format
4.8.0_T 37583 13/01/2016 Fix CR03439 Bullhorn not setting provider on import
4.8.0_T 34133 13/01/2016 Fix CR02962 Draft timesheet attached to email for approval
4.8.0_T 37498 08/01/2016 Fix CR03429 Separate provider schedule lines where rates have the same name but different amounts.
4.8.0_T 37469 06/01/2016 Fix CR03421 Performance improvements.
4.8.0_T 37453 05/01/2016 Fix CR03342 View credit invoices from the worker summary screen.
4.8.0_T 37452 05/01/2016 Fix CR03325 Sheet Groups Invoice date validation.
4.8.0_T 37451 05/01/2016 Fix CR03355 Fixed alphabetical order for clients list.
4.8.0_T 37450 05/01/2016 Enhancement CR03375 2nd Tier Provider search filters.
4.8.0_T 37448 05/01/2016 Fix CR03410 Added the ability to filter the client list by accounts ref.
4.8.0_T 37446 05/01/2016 Fix CR03343 Twinfield exports with multiple VAT lines per invoice due to adjustments.
4.8.0_T 37444 05/01/2016 Fix CR03372 Added weekly and monthly pay frequency options for LTD workers who are not paid PAYE.
4.8.0_T 37442 05/01/2016 Fix CR03368 Prevent reminders when disabled.
4.7.6_T 37422 04/01/2016 Fix CR03331 Allow Twinfield exports to the next open period.
4.7.6_T 37408 22/12/2015 Fix CR03393 Option to round timesheet net at shift level for Twinfield exports.
4.7.6_T 37378 18/12/2015 Fix CR03394 My Details missing from Menu when Role template used
4.7.6_T 37359 17/12/2015 Fix CR03391 Twinfield VAT rounding.
4.7.6_T 37298 15/12/2015 Fix CR03337 Fix don't validate InPay export if not paid PAYE
4.7.6_T 37276 14/12/2015 Enhancement CR03385 Timesheet importer can now auto-adjust the period end date on uploaded data to find placements that finished upto seven days before the specified date. This allows matching of placements that finish mid-week even if the file contains the week end date
4.7.6_T 37277 14/12/2015 Fix CR03356 Allow a matched advice note to be written off if its supplier invoice has been fully credited.
4.7.6_T 37227 10/12/2015 Fix CR03296 ATE rate missing comment allowing.
4.7.6_T 37226 10/12/2015 Fix CR03378 Pay elements not saved correctly for Ltd workers.
4.7.6_T 37206 09/12/2015 Fix CR03050 Invoice Contact Override fails if town is missing.
4.7.6_T 37205 09/12/2015 Fix CR03352 Due dates on Invoices filter.
4.7.6_T 37174 08/12/2015 Enhancement CR03337 Helpful error messages on InPay export failure.
4.7.6_T 37173 08/12/2015 Enhancement CR03226 Additional: Currency export configurable by InPay Company.
4.7.6_T 37171 08/12/2015 Fix CR03344 Sheet group document errors when data contains ampersands.
4.7.6_T 37170 08/12/2015 Fix CR03233 worker details marked as updated when nothing changed.
4.7.6_T 37158 04/12/2015 Fix CR03360 Margin inconsistency for part hours.
4.7.6_T 37117 02/12/2015 Enhancement CR02706 Configurable date format on invoices.
4.7.6_T 37107 01/12/2015 Fix CR03350 Bakertilly bureau BACS format not including Bureau ID.
4.7.6_T 37083 30/11/2015 Enhancement CR03249 Optionally include an indicator to show if an invoice in the payments generate screen has any credit notes against it.
4.7.6_T 37072 27/11/2015 Fix CR01979 Incorrect expense client shown if using hierarchy
4.7.6_T 37054 26/11/2015 Enhancement CR03020 Consultants must now have the invoice delete role in order to write off an advice note
4.7.6_T 37021 24/11/2015 Enhancement CR03333 Option to remove Dimensions delay
4.7.6_T 37019 24/11/2015 Fix CR03332 VAT rounded on each line even when option is enabled
4.7.6_T 37018 24/11/2015 Fix CR03319 Invoice due date on generation from sheet group
4.7.6_T 37017 24/11/2015 Enhancement CR03269 More terms type options for calculating due dates
4.7.6_T 37009 23/11/2015 Fix CR03280 Tempaid - prevent charge value rounding error
4.7.6_T 37007 23/11/2015 Fix CR03304 Supplier Invoice Tax Code used for Sage50 export could not be changed after initial save
4.7.6_T 37005 23/11/2015 Enhancement CR03059 WHT Tax code selection on client
4.7.6_T 36968 19/11/2015 Enhancement CR03292 - Perm invoicing module - manually create perm invoices or create perm invoices from placements.
4.7.6_T 36935 18/11/2015 Enhancement Web Services v1.7. CR03286 Implement placement.getAlternativeManagers method. Currencies are now ISO 4217 Strings.
4.7.6_T 36922 17/11/2015 Enhancement CR03266 - Providers can now be specified at the placement level rather than against a worker (configured on an agency-by-agency basis).
4.7.6_T 36922 17/11/2015 Enhancement CR03253 - Ability to manually resend all timesheet daily reminders and approval reminders.
4.7.6_T 36880 16/11/2015 Enhancement CR02983 Faxback renamed QR Approval.
4.7.6_T 36858 13/11/2015 Fix CR03302 VAT Analysis rounding.
4.7.6_T 36840 12/11/2015 Fix CR03312 - Special characters in the invoice history would break the pdf download.
4.7.6_T 36839 12/11/2015 Fix CR03306 Adding shifts to approved timesheets via the importer or the entry screen wouldn't update the invoice required status for 0 pay/charge shifts.
4.7.6_T 36828 11/11/2015 Fix CR03310 Don't allow editing of approved sheets if the sheet has ever been invoiced.
4.7.6_T 36832 11/11/2015 Fix Access Dimensions 1.3.7 Additions, Due date flag, posting date configuration.
4.7.6_T 36814 11/11/2015 Fix CR03277 Additional: Include Holiday in total pay if holiday Pay disabled and not InPay linked.
4.7.6_T 36808 11/11/2015 Fix CR03297 Can add items to multiple sheet groups.
4.7.6_T 36806 11/11/2015 Enhancement CR03218 Provide option to auto expand the additional info section on the timesheet entry form.
4.7.6_T 36804 11/11/2015 Fix CR03305 Error on Margin by rate when grouping selected.
4.7.6_T 36768 06/11/2015 Fix CR03300 Twinfield export timeout on large invoices.
4.7.6_T 36761 06/11/2015 Fix CR03224 Placement expense template import for agency.
4.7.6_T 36759 06/11/2015 Fix CR03276 Fix for Paper Entry error.
4.7.6_T 36745 05/11/2015 Fix CR03288 Invoice Templates - Performance Improvements
4.7.6_T 36744 05/11/2015 Enhancement CR03151 & CR03152 More info in the placement select box on adjustment invoices and the list is now sorted by placement reference.
4.7.6_T 36743 05/11/2015 Enhancement CR03074 Include debtor num on client list and accounts ref in invoice csv download.
4.7.6_T 36742 05/11/2015 Enhancement CR02591 Retrieving Exchange Rates from Twinfield.
4.7.6_T 36741 05/11/2015 Enhancement CR02811 Client column on expense search and csv download.
4.7.5_T 36670 30/10/2015 Fix CR03277 Margin Holiday now takes account of InPay export configuration.
4.7.5_T 36645 28/10/2015 Enhancement CR02495 - Improved performance of all autocomplete fields and improved search and sorting of client autocomplete fields.
4.7.5_T 36614 28/10/2015 Fix CR03219 Worker Expenses widgets don't include today.
4.7.5_T 36613 28/10/2015 Enhancement CR03264 Remove option for enabling dashboards.
4.7.5_T 36624 28/10/2015 Fix CR03238 - In some configurations, expenses would be re-populated with 0 values when editing drafts.
4.7.5_T 36592 27/10/2015 Fix CR03274 - When adding shifts to submitted timesheets, rates were not being detached causing incorrect figures to be shown on the margin report.
4.7.5_T 36565 23/10/2015 Enhancement CR03095 HMRC Report - performance improvements.
4.7.5_T 36565 23/10/2015 Fix CR03211 HMRC Report - relax validation when engagement type is F, change the address reported for intermediaries and include VAT when applicable.
4.7.4_T 36522 21/10/2015 Enhancement CR03260 Import workers as LTD when WKR_Type is "Limited Company Contractor".
4.7.4_T 36538 21/10/2015 Enhancement CR03263 Show placement start and end date on placement picker in timesheet import screen.
4.7.4_T 36536 21/10/2015 Fix CR03262 Don't update worker CIS tax treatment and verification code on import.
4.7.4_T 36533 21/10/2015 Enhancement CR03146 Improve Dashboard performance.
4.7.4_T 36511 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR03117 Payment Notification for workers under umbrella companies.
4.7.4_T 36503 20/10/2015 Fix CR03246 Workers and Provider users could see the write-off button on Advice Notes.
4.7.4_T 36499 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR03256 The "authorised by" boxes on electronic timesheet attachments to invoices were not displayed when downloading as a zip or sending invoices.
4.7.4_T 36497 20/10/2015 Fix CR03232 Sometimes paper attachments to expenses would cause a blank page to be inserted when printing invoices.
4.7.4_T 36488 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR03155 Allow WHT lines on the Sage 50 exporter to be scripted.
4.7.4_T 36485 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR03251 Ability to import the paper required flag on placements.
4.7.4_T 36484 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR02815 Ability to import communications status on Workers and Managers.
4.7.4_T 36484 20/10/2015 Enhancement CR03250 Ability to import Rate Frontend Ref.
4.7.4_T 36477 16/10/2015 Fix CR03231 Fix Send Invoices on Invoice approval.
4.7.4_T 36476 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03220 Add Paid Date filter to invoice searches.
4.7.4_T 36475 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03202 AWR recalculation performance.
4.7.4_T 36473 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03207 Reinstatement from InTime to InPay takes account of CIS payroll.
4.7.4_T 36472 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03226 Convert currency on export to InPay.
4.7.4_T 36470 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03145 Missing timesheet dash widget shows by entry method.
4.7.4_T 36468 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03214 On-hold timesheets are now displayed on the timesheet export screen but cannot be selected for export
4.7.4_T 36463 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03245 Increase the number of matches shown in the client auto-complete boxes
4.7.4_T 36459 16/10/2015 Enhancement CR03243 Add client site for search fields on placement search